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Uhhh 3 years ago
The girl was plenty cute but this shit is clearly made for that whole Asian Masculinity Incel crowd or at least sold that way in the video tags and title. I'm from Sudan and I hate all the BBC shit making us look like animals, tools, dildoes with heartbeats. I hate the cuckold shit too.

If you are an Asian man struggling to get a girl I feel for you, but please stop watching anything that plays into race too heavily. It leads you astray and damages your cognition of relationships.
3 years ago
Damn she a beauty
3 years ago
Asians have been banging white women since Atilla the Hun. Many Europeans have their paternal genes coming from an Asian ancestor. Asian men banging white women is a long tradition that still exists today. Many white politicians have their daughters sleeping with Asian men in the west
3 years ago
She like an angel
Name 3 years ago
Blaire Ivory. You're welcome
jrock 3 years ago
2 years ago
this chick is gorgeous, perfect ass.
2 years ago
Why u must use wide angle lens, almost like fish eye
3 years ago
3 years ago